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Latin Ultimate Year 1 and Year 2
(for learners 7th - 12th grade and adult)


The most easy to use, comprehensive course available

Get ready for the adventure of your life! The Power-Glide Latin Ultimate course opens the door to new skills and opportunities that only learning a new language can provide. With the most innovative and effective language teaching activities available, this course starts you on a path toward language fluency.

"There is an island in the middle of the Atlantic so isolated, that the inhabitants still speak Latin. I think that's the island."

"Latin? It died."

"....You are going to learn Latin, and when we get to the island we are going to talk with the natives. They will help us get home."

- excerpt from the Power-Glide Latin course      

Go from beginning to advanced levels in one course

Power-Glide Latin is easy enough for beginners, but robust enough to help you develop advanced language skills. And since Power-Glide is fully accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, you're assured of quality and ease of obtaining credit.

Speak the language, not just pass the test

Listen to Dr. Blair

The focus of Power-Glide Latin is to help you speak freely and expressively in Latin. You won't find mazes of grammar rules, boring rote memorization, and mind-numbing drills. Instead, Power-Glide Latin gives you real language learning—the kind where you actually internalize the language, and begin to use it as your own. Robert W. Blair, Ph.D., is the creator of Power-Glide language courses. His methods are informed by current language acquisition theory and rooted in the work of world-renowned language teaching innovators. These methods provide a rich experience in communication and make the course fun and engaging.

Puzzles, games, stories, music

The activities in the course are diverse enough to accomodate many different learning styles and aptitudes. You'll find music, stories, memory aids, Diglot Weaves, you-are-there adventures, kinesthetic, visual, audio activities, and more. In addition, Power-Glide Latin can be used:

  • with or without a teacher
  • in groups or individually and self paced

What you will learn in this course:

  • Numbers
  • Family vocabulary
  • Plants & Animals
  • Alphabet
  • Emotion
  • Present Tense Verbs
  • Noun Declension
  • Questions
  • Conjunctions
  • House-related Vocabulary
  • Shapes & Lines
  • Verb agreement
  • Gender
  • Past & Future Tense Verbs
  • Basic Esperanto
  • Stories, Songs, and much more!

This course includes:

275 Pages. The core of Power-Glide's robust and award winning language course. Divided into sections, it includes cultural information, self-tests, written exercises, and is linked to the audio CDs, so finding your way through it is as easy as pushing play and following along.
34 Pages. The testbook includes 7 comprehensive tests with answer keys. It applies a variety of testing methods and is excellent for high school and college preparation.
Learner's Guide
44 Pages. The Learner's Guide includes Dr. Blair's personal instruction on how to teach and learn foreign languages. It is full of tips for learners of various ages and levels.
7 Audio CDs
Audio activities from the course are conveniently organized and separated by track on the CDs.

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