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We created every single one of the Fluenz programs thinking of the ideal application we always wanted when learning languages. First on our wish list was the commitment to create unique programs based on the realities of each language, rather than relying on a uniform script to teach 30 different ones. The result is that while we can only offer a few languages, we are also able to stand behind every one of them.

Adults learn differently
Because we think of ourselves as the audience, these programs are not for children but for English-speaking teens and adults who are looking for a strong foundation in the language and who need to communicate the most in the least amount of time.

Every program is based on three principles

Our life-long passion for learning languages and years of formal work brought us to three principles that guide every single program:


1. We believe in great teachers. The more advanced media technology becomes, the better chance we have to bring into our software the single most important factor in any learning experience: a great teacher. At the center of every Fluenz program is a passionate tutor who guides the learner every step of the way. While most language learning software looks like PowerPoint, we strive to bring the human touch back to learning.

2. It really helps to use English to learn a new language. When learning a new language as an adult, nothing makes more sense than to understand the process in English. While small children learn arbitrarily, absorbing language like a sponge, modern linguistics points to how adults are better off having a clear understanding of what they're learning and how it works. It's rather difficult to understand how Italian works if the explanation is in Italian, not to mention if no explanation is given at all.


3. We only teach relevant stuff. When learning the foundations of a language, it only makes sense to learn what's relevant to communicate in realistic situations. Instead of typical descriptive sentences that no one ever really needs to use ("The man is running," "The boy is eating"), we emphasize learning how to formulate useful communication ("A cup of coffee, please").

The magic of one-on-one tutoring
Our programs follow a classical pattern because no matter how hot technology gets, it would be foolish to ignore a legacy of learning dating back to Ancient Greece.

The entire program is divided into sessions, taking up to two and a half hours each. Like a regular class, the tutor introduces the session, always providing a sense of where the program is and where it's headed.


Each program has been designed by carving a path through each language that makes as much intuitive sense as possible to English-speakers. One of the tutorís most important jobs is guiding learners through this carefully designed process.

Step by step through a typical Fluenz session
Each session opens with an introduction by the tutor. This is followed by a realistic conversation containing all the words and structures that will be learned in that session. This conversation is presented with and without subtitles so that learners listen to it several times and begin to make sense of the material.


Immediately after the conversation, the teacher presents a full tutorial explaining in detail and in English how every single element works. Beyond rigorous explanations, these tutorials offer strategies, tactics, and personal experiences that provide valuable insights for learners.

After the tutorial, the session shifts its attention to a range of interactive workouts that grow increasingly challenging and that progressively combine skill-building in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. These workouts reinforce and expand communication at the same time, making sure that whatever is learned in the session is learned very well.


Instead of throwing many words and structures at the learner, the workouts stay laser-focused on building the skills we know lead to fluency in the specific language being covered.

After the workouts, the tutor comes back to offer a conclusion, anchoring the session within the overall arch of learning, as well as offering the kind of reward and inspiration only a human teacher can provide. This structure is rigorously followed session after session.


Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 1+2+3+4+5     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 1+2+3     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Spanish (Latin America)          3+4+5     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 1+2     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 2     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) 1     (Buy from Amazon

Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 1+2+3+4+5     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 1+2+3     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Spanish (Spain)          3+4+5     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 1+2     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 2     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Spanish (Spain) 1     (Buy from Amazon


Fluenz French 1+2+3+4+5     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz French 1+2+3     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz French 1+2     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz French 1     (Buy from Amazon


Fluenz Italian 1+2+3     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Italian 1+2     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Italian 1     (Buy from Amazon


Fluenz German 1+2+3     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz German 1+2     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz German 1     (Buy from Amazon

Mandarin (Chinese)

Fluenz Mandarin (Chinese) 1+2+3     (Buy from Amazon
Fluenz Mandarin (Chinese) 1+2     (Buy from Amazon

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