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Fluenz French Level 1

Fluenz French 1+2

Ordering Fluenz French

Product Features

  • We custom made Fluenz French as language learners who knew there had to be a better way. With 30 sessions of up to two and one-half hours each, this is the most comprehensive software application covering the second level of French anywhere.
  • To create a live learning environment, similar to what you are used to in a classroom, language tutor Sonia Gil guides you on full motion video every step of the way.
  • Adults do not learn in the same way as children; we need to use the rules of languages we know to learn other languages. Fluenz uses your knowledge of English as leverage for accelerating your learning of French, with an emphasis on those words you are most likely to use.
  • A next-generation platform blends beautiful full motion video with engaging, interactive workouts, including voice recording so you can compare your accent to native speech.
  • Included is the Fluenz French 1 DVD-ROM for your computer (Windows XP / Vista), an audio CD and exclusive podcasts for additional training, and the handy Fluenz Navigator for on-the-go referencing of important words and phrases.

Product Description

Product Description
Fluenz is a software company founded by a group of passionate language learners who felt there had to be a better way. We believe in the power of one-on-one tutoring, so our technology is geared towards bringing real life instruction to the computer. In our French application, language tutor Sonia Gil guides you throughout the program, blending full motion video explanations in English with a series of highly engaging workouts, helping you to understand and speak relevant French. The Fluenz system follows three clear principles: 1) We learn best when we have a teacher. It's often difficult to motivate yourself to learn on your own. By bringing a tutor to the computer, we explain all concepts in a sensible way and you don't have to tackle French all by yourself. 2) It's easier to learn French by starting out in English. French is a tough langauge to learn and we are able to progress much faster by using our knowledge of English as leverage for helping us learn French. In fact, modern linguistics tells us that as adults, we need to use the tools of the language we already know and apply them to learning a new language. With Fluenz, you learn first in English and relate basic French grammar and syntax to that of English, rather than trying to understand French grammar with French logic. 3) It's best to learn the most relevant words in French right away. You need to start learning the words and structures that will allow you to communicate the most in the least amount of time, taking into consideration which words are easier to remember for English speakers, which expressions make the most logical sense to us, and which are most useful--"cell phone" instead of "red apple." Being able to communicate right away in simple ways requires relevant learning. And, with 13 types of workouts covering verbal expression and comprehension, as well as reading and writing, you practice and internalize what you learn in the video lessons.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Fluenz, April 5, 2008
By  M. Caban (Saratoga , NY)

I am not good at learning language for two reasons. One, I get bored easily and two, my mind just doesn't concentrate well. Fluenz French has a personal touch, with a likable teacher. She keeps things moving just enough to keep me from getting bored, and teaches in a way that makes sense.
I've tried different programs. Alot of them are memorization. I found that to be discouraging because much of the french language has different sounds and different grammar rules. Too much for my brain to deal with.
Fluenz french teaches these rules and helps learning the pronounciation easier and fun, while learning how to communicate at the same time.
In doing Fluenz French, I had alot of, " Oh, I get it !", moments. The sounds of the language started to make sense, This really encouraged me alot, and made learning much, much easier and enjoyable..

Ordering Fluenz French


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