Top Rated Language Learning Programs

#1 Auralog TeLL me More


This software is an outstanding solution for your language learning needs. This is the best language learning software I've seen. The program is well designed, easy to use and offers the most extensive set of features of any language software product available, including the speech recognition technology. The use of speech recognition help the learner interact with the program to learn correct pronunciation. (For you to use this feature, a headset/microphone combo comes with the package.)

Auralog Tell Me More comes with beginner program, intermediate program and advanced program in one single package. No matter what your current level is, Auralog Tell Me More is an adaptable, fun solution.

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#2 Fluenz Learning Suite



Fluenz Spanish is a comprehensive Spanish course. Product features

  • 60 sessions of up to two and one-half hours each--the most comprehensive software application covering the first and second levels of Spanish anywhere
  • Language tutor Sonia Gil guides you on video every step of the way to create a live, classroom-style learning environment
  • Fluenz leverages your knowledge of English to accelerate your learning of Spanish, with an emphasis on those words you are most likely to use
  • Next-generation platform blends beautiful full motion video with engaging, interactive workouts, including voice recording so you can compare your accent to native speech
  • Includes Fluenz Spanish 1 and Fluenz Spanish 2 DVD-ROMs, two audio CDs for additional training and the handy Fluenz Navigator for on-the-go referencing of important words and phrases

#3 Pimsleur Program


I am also giving Pimsleur program a five-star rating since I myself benefited a lot from this program. I must say it is the Auralog TeLL me More software and the Pimsleur program that laid the foundation for my foreign language skills - such as my skills in Spanish.

The Pimsleur program is an audio program. Each comprehensive level has 30 lessons. Each lesson has 30 minutes. If you are just beginning, you can try comprehensive level I. I believe you will learn your desired foreign language gradually and efficiently (thanks to Dr. Pimsleur's method).

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Note: Here is my own experience with Pimsleur Spanish One. I need to commute five days a week to work. On average I am spending 15 minutes -or half lesson- one way. For me I repeated each lesson 2 to 4 times before moving on to the next lesson. In total, Pimsleur Spanish One took me four months to finish.

# 4 Transparent Language


The Transparent Language Complete Edition is an entire comprehensive language course in one affordable package. The package has a full range of multimedia tools including computer programs, online resources, mp3 files, audio lessons, etc. One can learn a foreign language by Exploring lessons, games, immersion videos, and stories.

The "Transparent Language" program can be purchased from the following link:

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