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Category(ies): Software, Online Learning, Languages
Online Version Available?
Demo Version Available?
Yes ( see
Level: Beginners, Intermediate  and Advanced Learners
Warranty Full Money Back Guarantee within 90 days if not satisfied
System Requirement:
NOT compatible with Mac

Minimum configuration
PC or Compatible Celeron® 333 MHz or equivalent,
Windows® 95*, 98, NT4*, Millenium, 2000 or XP,
64 MB RAM,
70 MB available on hard disk,
8X CD-ROM drive or better,
16-bit Windows compatible sound card,
video card (800 x 600 with 65536 colors or higher),
microphone + speakers or headphones (included)

Recommended configuration
PC or Compatible Pentium® III 650 MHz or equivalent,
Windows® 95*, 98, NT4*, Millenium, 2000 or XP,
128 MB RAM,
100 MB available on hard disk,
24X CD-ROM drive or better,
16-bit Windows?compatible sound card,
video card (1024 x 768 with 16 million-colors or higher),
microphone + speakers or headphones (included)

* Windows® 95 and NT4 require Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4 or more.

Skills Trained:
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Conversation Practice
Special features:
  • Personalized learning paths (The Progress Chart and Diary organize your study by selecting activities and proposing a study plan corresponding to your level and objectives, as well as your schedule.)
  • Speech recognition (With this technology, TeLL me More recognizes what you say, assesses your pronunciation and corrects any mistakes)
Major Practicing Activities: Guided Mode: You can select lesson paths then view your learning progress. This mode includes a log where you can set your goals concerning study time and habits. This is helpful since setting a goal will make yourself committed. With a log, you can track easily whether you are close to your goal or not.

The Guided Mode is for users who wish to learn a language progressively, with a learning program structured around lessons.

Free-to-Roam Mode: In this mode, TeLL me More offers you the whole range of its linguistic content organized into 6 workshops, including: lessons, oral or written practice, vocabulary, grammar and cultural studies.

The Free-to-Roam Mode is for users who already have a good knowledge of the language, and who wish to learn according to their inclination or learn more intensively, concentrating on certain aspects of the language (oral or written, for example).

Dynamic Mode: In this mode, TeLL me More adjusts your learning content in accordance with your original objectives and the results you get from each activity. This is somewhat like intelligent learning.

Dynamic mode also allows you to build a personal profile that includes your own learning preferences and your progress in those areas.

Awards Received

2000 International Emma Awards
Training, CD-Online Integration and Adult Education

European Information Technology Prize 2001

Best-Buy Award - PC User

GOLD Award
" Best Language Product"
PC Home

5-star rating for TeLL me More German from PC Guide!

Gold Award for Language Learning Software from Top Ten Reviews, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Review (By Bing W. Lu): This TeLL me More Review is based on my own experience with the TeLL me More Language Software. I wrote this Review to give you an overview of the Tell me More Language Software.

The installation of TeLL me More software is easy. It only took me about 2 minutes to finish the installation process. After installation, you can then remove the installation disk and insert one course CD (either beginner, intermediate, or advance CD) into your CD-ROM.

One of the nice features that TeLL me More offers is its use of speech recognition. The make the program highly interactive. The use of speech recognition help the learner interact with the program to learn correct pronunciation. (For you to use this feature, a headset/microphone combo comes with the package.)

The other nice feature is that, during most of the lessons, if you see a word that you do not understand, you can click on it to find out its translation and pronunciation.

The three study modes (Guided Mode, Free-to-Roam Mode, Dynamic Mode) are very effective in helping your language learning.

The software is running a little bit slow on my machine, sometimes when I clicked on something, it might take 5 seconds for the screen to be loaded completely. However, this in general does not annoy me during my use of the software. [Note: there is background noise (I mean music) when you run the software. The noise can be turned off if you want.]

The TeLL me More language software actually received numerous awards. See above for a few of them.

ToTenReviews gives the following remark to TeLL me More (Spanish): "Overall, Tell Me More is the best option available for learning and retaining the Spanish language. If you want to go from beginner to expert, this is an excellent package value." gives the following review on TeLL me More (German): "...The real strength of TeLL me More continues to be its above-average help with listening to and pronouncing the language. Auralog's sophisticated tools for improving your pronunciation offer valuable help for anyone serious about learning to speak better German."

You are welcome to email me if you find this Tell me More Review is helpful to you. Be sure to check out the TeLL me More Coupon page to see if you can find a saving on your purchase.

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