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April 13, 2005 (Ben)

If you have been using Lexiconer for the last few weeks, you might already read several messages regarding a second source of income streams. One of them is: "I am living in Hong Kong. The job market out there is not very good. Opportunities for a second source of income stream is rare... If you have a similar situation, consider to download Ken Evoy's free ebook: The Affiliate Master Course (TAMS)."

Well, in the era where internet prevails in our daily life, second sources of income stream are always out there, no matter where you live (USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, ...). I myself already benefit a lot from the Internet. The free ebook The Affiliate Master Course (TAMS) by Ken Evoy is only a starting point for you if you want to start your internet money-making venture.

You might be wondering "who the heck is Ken Evoy?"

Ken Evoy is a millionaire internet marketing guru. He got his MD degree from McGill University (Canada) in 1979. He taught medicine courses at McGill University Hospital after receiving his MD degree.

In 1997, Ken Evoy began his adventure in marketing his own software tool PennyGold over the internet. (PennyGold is a software tool specialized for penny stocks investment. PennyGold is no longer being sold on market today since Ken Evoy promised only to sell 1000 copies - those 1000 lucky guys!).

With the outstanding success of marketing PennyGold, Ken Evoy put together what he has learned and packed them into an ebook, "Make Your Site Sell (MYSS)". This ebook described basically all the key techniques and key components to the success of online business, such as "how to create products that over-deliver the promise", "targeted traffic is the blood for your business", "how to make your sites rank well in search engines". The ebook is available at the price of US$29.95 at Make Your Site Sell Main Page.

The ebook MYSS (1,500 pages) is actually much under-priced. The reason that MYSS is selling at so low a price is that they use MYSS to promote their core product - "Site Build It". Site Build It fully integrates all major key techniques described in MYSS into one single package. If you are want to learn more about "Site Build It", here is a review of "Site Build it" that I wrote.

The Affiliate Master Course (TAMS) is to some extent an abridged version of Make Your Site Sell. I personally benefit from this ebook a lot. Click the above link to download your own copy if you want.

Bye the way, the download page is on another domain Affordable and Reliable Hosting. It is one of my other websites.

April 11, 2005 (Ben)

Today I want to recommend a phone card service for you. The phone card service is provided by eCallChina. They ever advertised with us two years ago. The advertisement results are not very effective since we did not have a lot of traffic at that time. It is different today, we have thousands of unique visitors every day. Lexiconer nowadays is among the top 0.0005 fraction (or top 0.05%) of all the websites on the internet.

I recalled their advertisement with us. It was ineffective and the ROI (Return On Investment) was very disappointing for them I think. I am still feeling guilty for them. Actually they provide very excellent phone card service. The customer support is very nice. The prices are very inexpensive and the voice quality is very good. I purchased all my phone cards from them ever since 2003 for calling to Hong Kong and China (I tried various phone card services from 2000 to 2003). They are selling phone cards for calling to Taiwan as well.

Today eCallChina is not advertising with us. I am recommending them for two reasons. The first reason is "they are very good", as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. The second reason is that I want to compensate for their advertisement with us two years ago - so that I can feel less guilty.

If you need to call back to our Greater China, consider give them a try. I guess you will enjoy their service as well. You get a US$0.5 permanent coupon (LEX00) for each phone card you purchase. Please write down the coupon for later use. Or simply come here to buy your own phone card. Buy a phone card now.

See you next time.

April 10, 2005 (Ben)

In the past few months, a lot of new web pages have been added, including the hand-held dictionary store, the language bookstore, the language video store, and the discussion forum. More pages are coming in the near future.

The discussion forum is to provide a chance for our visitors (i.e., you) to exchange thoughts and probably help each other. You are not obligated to post an article in the forum though. Just keep in mind that there is a forum over here. You might someday find that the forum is useful for you.

Have a nice day and see you next time.


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