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Power-Glide German Children's Course
(for learners pre K - 3rd grade)



Designed to help children understand and communicate

The Power-Glide German Children's Course was designed for children Pre K - 3rd grade. Course activities are designed specifically with these learners in mind and include matching games, story telling, speaking, drawing, creative thinking, acting, and guessing--all things which children do for fun.

"...I remember Dad saying that the river that runs near our house goes through a big valley where everyone speaks German."

"German?" you ask. "Why would they speak German here?"

"I don't know. But that's what he said. Maybe if we are in that big valley we can find someone who knows. If we can understand them!"

- excerpt from the Power-Glide German Children's Course      

Give your child the benefits of learning a second language

Research has shown that children who learn a second language do better in school, get higher test and SAT scores, go on to better colleges, and have the added job opportunities that only come with knowing a second language. Furthermore, a considerable amount of research has shown that learning a second language in childhood helps children learn to read and write their native language.

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Based on natural learning principles

When children learn their native language in early childhood, it is not through the study of grammar rules and vocabulary lists. Rather, they learn the words for things around them simply by listening to others. They intuitively grasp an amazing amount of grammar and syntax. By using activities that simulate natural language acquisition, it is not only possible, but normal for children to learn a new language quickly and enjoy doing it!

Puzzles, games, stories, and music

The German Children's Course includes multi-sensory activities for all types of learners. Instead of using boring rote memorization and mind-numbing drills, this course gets children excited about communicating in another language. The adventure story, the variety of learning activities, and the simplified teaching methods are all designed to make learning interesting and fun.

What your child will learn

Children who complete this course can expect to understand an impressive amount of German, including several common German phrases, some complete German sentences, numbers, colors, body parts, and instructions for drawing and acting given in German. They will also be able to understand stories told all or mostly in German, to re-tell these stories using German themselves, and to make up stories of their own using words and sentence patterns they have learned. After completion, your children will be well prepared to continue learning at a more advanced level, and they will have the foundation that will make learning at that level just as fun and interesting as in this course.

This course includes:

Children's Activity Book
143 pages. Nearly every page is full of pictures that correspond to the audio stories and activities. The book is designed for young, emerging readers with most activities requiring no reading at all.
Level II Activity Book
90 pages. Level II is the next step in your child's German language adventure. It includes another adventure story along with new learning activities and challenges.
Level III Activity Book
116 pages. Level III advances your child's German skills even further with more stories and challenges, building on the skills from the first two activity books.
Parent's Guide
163 pages. The Parent's Guide includes teaching tips and instructions for parents to help their children get the most out of the course. It also includes corresponding pages and an audio transcript of every activity in the Children's Activity Book.
8 Audio CDs
Audio activities from the course are conveniently organized and separated by track on the CDs.
Children's CD-ROM
The Power-Glide Children's CD-ROM can be used to introduce your children to a second language or as a supplement to the Children's Adventure Course. The CD-ROM includes interactive activities, games and resources for learners Pre-K through 6th grade.

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