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Creole Made Easy Pronunciation Guide

Title: Creole Made Easy Pronunciation Guide

Author: Wally Turnbull
Format: Audio CD
List Price: $18.95
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Creole Made Easy Pronunciation Guide

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About the Author
Wally Turnbull received his BA in Psychology from Rockford College in 1970 and his MFA in photography from Ohio Univeristy in 1972. He was born and raised in Haiti where he resided until 1963 when he left to pursue his education. He returned to Haiti in 1972 with wife Betty and has since worked in rural education and self-help. In 1978, Turnbull received a Diplome de Citation from the Haitian Government Department of Education for his work in rural education. He also received an award of distinction from Rockford College in 1983 for his humanitarian work in Haiti. The couple has three children, all of whom were born and raised in Haiti.

Product Description:
Two CD set pronunciation practice guide accompanies the book Creole Made Easy. Ideal for students of the Creole language, newcomers, and visitors to Haiti. The CD set covers:

How to pronounce Creole letters and words, the basic elements of Creole grammar, sixteen easy 15-20 minute lessons, and easy practice exercises in English with Creole translation.

The Creole words and sentences in each of the sixteen lessons of the book Creole Made Easy are spoken so that the student may listen and practice. The Creole words and phrases are first spoken slowly and deliberately for maximum pronunciation emphasis. They are then repeated at a slow speaking pace with slight inflection for better contextual practice.

Product Details:
  • Audio CD
  • Publisher: Light Messages (October, 2003)
  • ISBN: 096799375X
  • Average Customer Review: based on 1 review.

Customer Reviews

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

Great accompaniment to the book, May 27, 2004
Reviewer: A reader
Great cd's. The speaker is clear, the quality is good. The phrases are repeated to give you time to practice. A lot is covered in the 16 lessons, if you master them you will be able to converse on a simple level. Vocabulary is included in each lesson so you learn the vocab as you go along.
If you get the book as well, you won't have spent much and you will be much further along in your quest to learn creole. I rarely have to call for a translator now when dealing with my patients.

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