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Rocket Spanish Review Long Version

Rocket Spanish is a Spanish course released in 2005. The course basically comprises of:
(1) 12 hours of interactive audio lessons;
(2) over 400 exercises & activities on grammar and vocabulary;
(3) MegaVocab software game;
(4) MegaAudio sotware game;
(5) Learn Spanish discussion forum.

One advantage of this course (comparing to other courses) is that it combines "audio learning" (audio lessons) and "visual learning" (ebooks and software).

Rocket Spanish is available in two forms: a download version at $99 and a hardcopy version at $299 (plus $49 shipping = $350 in total). In my opinion, it does not make sense at all to order the hardcopy version: You are paying three times more dinero (money) to get essentially the same thing. When you order the hardcopy, you will get the ebooks and software on the CDs.

The course is mainly beginner level, with some touches of the intermediate level. So if you are a beginner that wants to learn Latin American Spanish, this one might be good for you.

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