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Yes ( see
Level: Beginners, Intermediate
Skills Trained:
  • Speaking (31 interactive audio lessons)
  • Grammar (210 pages of illustrated grammar lessons)
  • Vocabulary (MegaVocab software to learn over 1,000 Spanish words)
  • Listening (MegaAudio software game)
Major Practicing Activities:
  • Learn to speak Spanish with help of the 31 interactive audio lessons, each of which is of length 20 minutes;
  • Learn Spanish grammar with 210 pages of grammar lessons. The lessons come with 180 minutes worth of grammar audio tracks and over 400 grammar exercises and activities. Additionally, you will get 23 advanced Spanish grammar lessons (over 160 pages).
  • Learn over 1,000 common Spanish words with the MegaVocab software game. These words are grouped into 20 categories. Additionally, you can add more Spanish words if you would like to.
  • Understand over 1,000 spoken Spanish words with the MegaAudio software game;
  • Finally, you get the access to a learn Spanish discussion forum.
Warranty: Full Money Back Guarantee within 60 days if not satisfied
Purchasing Options:
  1. Download version($99.95);
  2. Hardcopy version ($299.95 + $49.95 shipping).

The download version and the hardcopy version have the same content. If you decide to buy, I recommend that you go for the download version.

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