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The Fastest, Most Effective Way To Learn French Words and Phrases!


Before You Know It... you'll know it! For beginners to advanced learners, Before You Know It is the simple and effective way to master a new language with Perfect Recall, guaranteed! Whether for business, travel, school or personal enjoyment, you'll quickly learn to understand and speak 1,000 common French words and 250 essential phrases.

Easy, Fast, and Effective!


With Before You Know It, you'll instantly feel the difference. Advanced technology customizes the learning for you in a way never before possible. Just decide what you need to learn, and Before You Know It handles the rest. Learning is fun because it happens at the perfect speed for you, with less time on what you pick up quickly and more time where you need it. Result the fastest path to perfect learning!


Customize & Share!

Expand the power of Before You Know It Deluxe Edition by building your own flash card lists. Great for learning exactly what you need, from specialized vocabulary & phrases to weekly quiz material. BeforeYouKnowIt.com provides even more learning and fun. Get additional FREE lists and ideas, plus share your own flash card lists with your friends.

  Fun Activities Perfect Your Learning

Before You Know It Deluxe Edition includes fun and effective activities that really build your French listening, reading, writing, and speaking capabilities. They feel like games, but each activity targets the perfection of a vital language skill, such as pronunciation or listening comprehension.

Learn anything . . . learn anywhere!


Learn on the Go!


As a free bonus, this package also includes the Before You Know It system for Pocket PC and Palm PDA. If you have a PDA, you can keep learning, even on the move.


Perfect Recall Guarantee.


No one else can make this claim. Choose what you want to learn. When you finish Before You Know It, we guarantee you'll know it cold. Test yourself, and if your recall is not absolutely 100%, return your product for a full refund of the purchase price. The only way to really appreciate the power of Before You Know It is to use, so try it, risk free.


Before You Know It even lets you take your lists with you on your Palm or Pocket PC device. Never be more than a click away from the French you need with Before You Know It.



Windows : Windows 98SE, 2000 Service Pack 3 or higher, Me, or XP; 300MHz Pentium or better; 32 MB available RAM; 30 MB disk space for one language; sound card; speakers; support for High Color or True Color settings and at least 800 x 600 resolution; 2X CD-ROM drive; Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

Pocket PC : Pocket PC 2002 or better; 200 MHz Arm, StrongARM, or Xscale PXA-250 Processor; 1000KB available device memory; 240 x 320 resolution; ActiveSync 3.5 or higher.

Palm : Palm 0S 5.0 or better; 1000KB available device memory; support for 4bit color and 240 x 320 resolution.

Macintosh : OS X version 10.2.0 or higher with Safari; G3 or better; 128 MB available RAM; 35 MB disk space for one language (approximately 15 MB additional space per additional language); at least 800 X 600 resolution; CD-ROM drive; microphone for recording; browser and Internet connection to link to on-line resources.

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