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Instant Immersion Italian

Instant Immersion Italian
Ordering Instant Immersion Italian (from Amazon USA):

About Different Versions:

  • Instant Immersion Version 2.0 moves you from a beginner to an intermediate speaker with a 5 CD-ROM course of study. Including Talk Now!, Talk More and World Talk from Eurotalk, you will focus on basic vocabulary, phrases and accurate pronunciation through the use of video technology features. Supplement your study with the Interactive Picture Dictionary, featuring 2,000 word entries. Finally, test your linguistic skills with Who is Oscar Lake, a challenging interactive mystery game. List price is $29.99/set.
  • Instant Immersion Deluxe is an 8 CD suite, combining beginner, intermediate and advanced Tell Me More content on 5-CD-ROMs. Each interactive lesson utilizes the Spoken Error Tracking System, which monitors your pronunciation and intonation. Round out your study with 3 Bonus Instant Immersion Audio CDs focusing on vocabulary building. List price is $49.99-$59.99/set.
  • Instant Immersion Platinum Edition combines computer-based teaching with the portability of audio lessons on compact disc. Comprising 750 hours of instruction at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, the Tell Me More content on 3 CD-ROMs utilizes 3D animation and the
    unique Spoken Error Tracking System. The audio portion is comprised of 8 Audio CDs developed by linguistic experts, offering in-depth curriculum focusing on verbs, vocabulary and situational phrases. List price is $299.99/set.
  • Instant Immersion in Jewel Case: The dynamic Instant Immersion learning system is also available in jewel case. Combining drills on vocabulary and pronunciation coupled with interactive lessons, these 2 CD-ROM sets effectively teach you the basics of a foreign language quickly. List price is $9.99/set.
Ordering Instant Immersion Italian (from Amazon USA):
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