Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

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Level: Beginners and Intermediate Level Learners
Reviews (by Bing W. Lü): The Learning Spanish Like Crazy fully utilizes languages learning in a natural way: immerse oneself in the language; develop good learning habits; learn a foreign language the same way you learn your native language; relating Spanish words to English words; etc. Click here for a full coverage of the 10 secrets of Learning Spanish Like Crazy. A lot of positive feedbacks could be found on Amazon when people review materials on learning Spanish (a couple of them were shown below). Learning Spanish Like Crazy proved success in learning the Spanish language.


An article revealing the 10 secrets of Learning Spanish Like Crazy: Here is an article, the 10 secrets of Learning Spanish Like Crazy. This article was written by Patrick Jackson ; the founder of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy system. The article is somewhat long. Sit back and read about the secrets of success to learning Spanish.
A sample testimonial: "I am very satisfied with the Learning Like Crazy program. It has increased my confidence and my ability to speak Spanish. In just a few short lessons, I feel more confident than I have in the last 8 months with other programs. With the Learning Like Crazy program I am learning much faster and without being bored. I am also getting proper pronunciation and realistic dialogue. I highly recommend this program. "
East Orange, New Jersey
A sample of Amazon review on other learning Spanish materials: "Personally, I thought this software (Learn Spanish Now - NOT Learning Spanish Like Crazy) wasn't bad. I think some of the reviewers here expected that this software was a tool in itself to learn Spanish. I know that's what the title Learn Spanish Now implies. But I think to get the best use of this software you need to use it in addition to a comprehensive Spanish course (not instead of a comprehensive Spanish course). Whether it's FSI, Learning Spanish Like Crazy or Pimsleur Spanish. My personal choice to use with Learn Spanish Now is Learning Spanish Like Crazy. The method that they use for verb conjugation in Learning Spanish Like Crazy is unbeatable. I felt that the vocabulary in FSI was archaic. Pimsleur good but more vocabulary required. But no matter which one you chose to use with this course, if you want to get the most for your money, you will need a more comprehensive learning Spanish tool to go along with Learn Spanish Now." -- by an Amazon user From Amazon review
Another sample of Amazon review on other learning Spanish materials: "... Since everyone else seems to be doing that new Spanish course, Learning Spanish Like Crazy, and making progress with it, a couple of days ago, I decided to buy it as well. I was very pleased to find out that both FSI Programmatic Spanish I and II come as bonus gifts with the Learning Spanish Like Crazy. ..."  - Sean (Raleigh, NC) from Amazon Review


A sample from Teachers.net discussion board:

Re: Best way to learn Spanish?
Posted by David on 11/28/04

    For what you are describing - without a doubt, Pimsleur's is the best way. It helps you learn very quickly and in thirty minute lessons - perfect for what you described. It is all audio, on either CDs or tapes. It can be expensive, but well worth it. Doing the Pimsleur Comprehensive Courses for Spanish - I, II and III will give you 90 thirty-minute lessons that will take you to an intermediate level of understanding and give you a very solid grounding in the language which you can then take further by talking to people. And it will do it very quickly and relatively easily. You may need to do each lesson two or three times before moving on, depending on your level of experience and language-learning ability.

    You can also try Learning Spanish Like Crazy - which follows an approach very similar to Pimsleur's and is far cheaper - giving you many bonus options as well. Check them out and decide. I know you can't go wrong with Pimsleur, but this site looks pretty good, too.

    On 10/02/04, Bernoulli wrote:
     I would like to learn Spanish on my own using audio tapes or CDs in the car. I have looked at a variety of products, but am not sure which ones really work. I tried to learn a little Japanese about 11 years ago using a few cheap tapes, but that was a waste.
    Does anyone have any systems they would recommend? I have about 30-40 minutes a day in the car I could use. I would favor a system that teaches you how to get along in public like shopping, ordering at restaurants, etc.


    Side bar: The Pimsleur language courses mentioned in the discussion are also included in our bookstore collection. The Pimsleur method is a natural language learning method invented by Dr. Pimsleur. Click here to see the entire Pimsleur courses collection.

Where to Buy: Learning Spanish Like Crazy (Hardcopy)
Learning Spanish Like Crazy (Download Version)

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