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"harness" Chinese translation ("harness" in Chinese, "harness" 中文翻译, "harness"发音):
harness n. 马具,系在身上的绳子,甲胄vt. 束以马具,披上甲胄,利用...以产生动力    [( 过 去 式 , 过 去 分 词 : harnessed) The old man says that he intends to die in ~. 那老人说他打算工作到死 get back into harness 回到平常的工作岗位 The Aswan Dam ~ed (the waters of) the Nile. 阿斯旺水坝利用尼罗河 (的水流) 产生动力 ]

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die in harness   v.工作时死去

in double harness   (口语)已结婚的 (married)

in harness   adv.受约束

wiring harness   n.线束

ignition harness   点火线

safety harness   安全带”降伞式〔

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