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"doubt" Chinese translation ("doubt" in Chinese, "doubt" 中文翻译, "doubt"发音):
doubt n. 怀疑,疑惑vt.vi. 怀疑,不信    [( 过 去 式 , 过 去 分 词 : doubted) I have my ~s as to that being true. 我怀疑那是不是真的 I ~ he will come.我怀疑他会不会来 You have no ~ heard the news. 你应该听到这个消息了 ]

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beyond all doubt   adv.毫无疑问地

beyond doubt   毫无疑问

doubt about   v.怀疑

hang in doubt   v.悬而未决

in doubt   (1)<人>[对于…]怀疑的,疑惑的,不确定的[about] I'm in doubt (about) what to do. 我不知该怎么办 (2)<事情>可疑的,有疑问的 The matter hangs [remains] in doubt. 那件事悬而未决 It was still in doubt. 那件事还有可疑之处

make no doubt of   v.毫不怀疑

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