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"date" Chinese translation ("date" in Chinese, "date" 中文翻译, "date"发音):
date n. 日期,约会,枣椰子vt. 约会,定日期vi. 注明日期,过时    [( 过 去 式 , 过 去 分 词 : dated) the ~ of birth 出生日期 This book is beginning to ~这本书逐渐过时 ~ your letter 请注明信的的日期 out of ~ 过时的,如: A lot of new words go out of ~ very quickly. up to ~ 最新式的,如: We want our methods to be up to ~. ]

Related Entries (相关词条):

a heavy date   n.重要的约会

bring-up to date   (1) 使<东西>成为最新式 (的东西) (2) 给<人>[有关…的]最新情报[on, about]

date back   回溯[到…], (年代) 远在[…][to] The church dates back as far as the reign of Elizabeth. 这个教堂早在伊利莎白时代就建成了 The castle dates back to the 16th century. 这座城堡建于十六世纪

date created   n.创建日期

date format   n.日期格式

date saved   n.保存日期

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