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Spoken & Written Spanish

Spoken & Written Spanish
Author/Publisher: Samuel A. Wofsy
Emphasis: Spoken Spanish
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Spoken Written SPANISH A Course for Beginners BY SAMUEL A. WOFSY University of California., Santa Barbara College 1948 THE MACMILLAN COMPANY NEW YORK Preface Spoken and Written Spanish contains a total active vocabulary of 668 words. All but 9 of the first 500 words in the Buchanan list are included 117 words are taken from, the next 400 words in the same list the Kenniston list and common sense justify the inclusion of the remaining 60. The reduction of vocabulary and the essentials of grammar to their proper minimum along with their gradual introduction and frequent repetition should increase the ability of the student to assimi late and then retain what he has learned. The included read ing material contributes essentially to the all-important drill and is especially desirable because of the variety and interest it adds to the exercises it bolsters. The explanations of Spanish usage are brief and, excepting the most indispensable parts of speech, as free from grammatical terminology as possible. Grateful acknowledgment should here be made for the helpful advice and sound criticism of the Macmillan Advisors. Thanks are also due to the following list of friends who read one part or another of the manuscript Professor Robert G. Mood, University of Wichita Professor Gerald E. Wade, Uni versity of Tennessee Professor B. E. Merriam, formerly of Union College Manila, P. I. Sr. Jose Rodriguez, Monterrey, Mexico and my colleagues, Professors Pablo Avila, Eda Ramelli and Andr6s Rodriguez Ramdn, of the Foreign Lan vi Preface guage Faculty of the University of California, Santa Barbara College. To Sr. Ramon, who has been kind enough to read proof of most of my manuscript, I am particularly indebted for many suggestions. Invaluable throughout the composition of the text was the assistance of my wife Frances Wofsy. S. A. W. Contents Leccion I. Vowels. Consonants. Accentuation. i Leccion II. Consonants Conclusion. Diphthongs. Cardinal Numbers 1-19. Indefinite Article. 6 Leccion III. Gender of Nouns. Plural of Nouns. Distributive Plural. Additional Use of Accent Mark. 1 1 Leccion IV. Names of the Days and Months. Capitalization. Omission of the Indefinite Article. Present Indicative of First Conjugation Verbs. Subject Pronouns. 15 Leccion V. Interrogative Sentences. Negative Sentences. Present Indicative of 2nd and 3rd Conjugation Verbs. Third Person Singular Preterite of - ar Verbs. 20 Leccion VI. Contraction of a el and de el Uses of the the Preposition de. Uses of the Definite Article. Cardinal Numbers 20-99. 25 Leccion VII. Agreement and Position of Adjectives. Possessive Adjectives. Present Indicative of tener, venir. 31 Leccion VIII. Personal a. The infinitive after Prepositions after certain Verbs with al. Time of Day. The Past Participle. Present Indicative of ir, dccir, dar, vcr, salir. 37 Leccion IX. Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns. Adverbs in - mente. Use of que and quien. Present Indicative of ser estar. Distinction between ser and estar. 43 Leccion X. Present Participle. Use of ser and estar. 49 vii viii Contents Leccion XL Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs. c ln s after a Superlative. Than 5 . Only. Present Perfect. Present Indicative of caer, saber traer, porter, hacer. 55 Leccion XII. Distinction between hay que Infinitive and tener que Infinitive. Radical-Changing Verbs of the First Class. Polite Commands. Cardinal Numbers 100-1,000,000. Ordinal Numbers. Dates. 61 Leccion XIIL Direct Object Pronouns and their Position. Imperfect Indicative of Regular Verbs. Imperfect In dicative of ser, ir, ver. Use of the Imperfect Indicative. 67 Leccion XIV. Idiomatic Use of tener, gustar. Indirect Object Pronouns. Prepositional Object Pronouns. Com parison of Equality. Present Indicative of otr, jugar - cer, - cir Verbs. 73 Leccion XV. Preterite Indicative of Regular Verbs. Preterite of Orthographic-Changing Verbs. Distinction be tween Preterite and Imperfect Indicative. Preterite of ser, ir, dar. Shortened Adjectives...

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  • Paperback: 244 pages
  • Publisher: Cooper Press (March 15, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1406771171
  • ISBN-13: 978-1406771176
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 11 ounces


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