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Easy Spanish Storybook: Little Red Riding Hood (Book + Audio CD) (McGraw-Hill's Easy Spanish Storybook)

Easy Spanish Storybook: Little Red Riding Hood (Book + Audio CD) (McGraw-Hill's Easy Spanish Storybook)
Author/Publisher: Ana Lomba
Emphasis: spanish for kids
List Price: $14.95

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Jump start your kidsí education in Spanish

Award-winning language-learning innovator Ana Lomba transforms "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" into a way to introduce kids ages two to seven to Spanish. It includes vivid illustrations, a mini "pictionary," and frequent dialogs that model everyday communication. Accompanying the book is a 45-minute audio CD that features a lively reading of the story, in Spanish and English, helpful pronunciation basics, and fun games and activities.

From the Back Cover

A bilingual storybook? The better to learn Spanish with!

Now story time is an opportunity to teach Spanish to children aged 2 to 7--and you don't even have to know the language yourself! It's simple with McGraw-Hill's Easy Spanish Storybook: Little Red Riding Hood.

This book presents the classic fairy tale side-by-side in Spanish and English. The story of the little girl and the big bad wolf is vibrantly illustrated, allowing children to connect the meanings of words to pictures, reinforcing their comprehension of Spanish vocabulary.

Don't worry about pronunciation--the accompanying CD does that for you! It presents an engaging reading of Little Red Riding Hood in both English and Spanish that will entertain kids while they hear correct Spanish pronunciation. You can read along with the narration or learn along with your kids!

The audio program also includes:

  • A mini picture dictionary with key vocabulary words that can be used as an introduction to the Spanish text or as a review after "The End"
  • Everyday phrases integrated into the story
  • Helpful pronunciation basics

Teaching children Spanish has never been so enjoyable for kids--or so easy for you!

Product Details

  • Reading level: Ages 4-8
  • Hardcover: 42 pages
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 1 edition (December 13, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0071461647
  • ISBN-13: 978-0071461641
  • Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 7.6 x 0.4 inches
  • 4.9 out of 5 starsSee all reviews†(7 customer reviews)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars - A nice book
My children really liked this version of Red Riding Hood. They enjoyed the CD telling them the story. However I also purchased the Goldilocks and the three bears and I haven't received it is too bad they are expecting this book. Congratulations to the author.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Perfect beginner Spanish book for kids and adults!!!!
I can't say enough good things about Ana Lomba's materials! As a Spanish teacher to children ages 2 to 6, I love that her materials are always bilingual, so that parents are not lost when they read with their child at home. She also reads the book for you in Spanish on the CD provided (English reading is on the CD as well). The illustrations are delightful and engaging. My daughter, who is growing up biligual (English/Spanish), enjoys this book a lot. In fact, when I first bought it, she asked me to read it at least once a day, and half of the time twice a day for about a week and a half when she began speaking three times as much Spanish as she had before! I can't tell you how exciting that was! Reading is magical! If you want to increase your Spanish language gains for you and your child, read LOTS of great books like Ana's in Spanish together, at least 15-30 minutes a day! You'll be pleasantly surprised by the results!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Another excellent teaching tool from Ana Lomba!
I really enjoy all of Ms. Lomba's products, and this is no different. My three to five year old class enjoys hearing this, and I recommend it to parents when they ask what they can do at home to supplement learning. I usually teach the words first (which are nicely laid out with colorful pictures on a single page) and then read the story. A lot of the words are already familiar to my students, but I think this could be a good introduction to a child as well.

We often do hands-on activities in my classes and in my curriculum, so it's nice for the student to have some down time and just listen and look at the pictures as they absorb an already familiar story. Great job on the CD too!

Sra. Gose
Author of Flip Flop Spanish: Ages 3-5: Level 1 & Flip Flop Spanish: Ages 3-5: Level 2

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Very Pleased
I loved this book because the Spanish is Latin American Spanish. My nephew loved the story (specially the wolf). I specially loved how the book ended "Colorin Colorado este cuento se ha acabado" because my mother always ended every story w/that phrase.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Another A++++++++ Book
I am a non-Spanish speaking mother of a five year old daughter and two year old son. I want my children to be bilingual. I bought "Play and Learn Spanish" first and have purchased everything else this author has produced. All Ana Lomba's materails are A++++++++

Another fun and interactive learning tool and Another must have if you want to teach and learn Spanish.

P.S. My Children love the different voices, especially the wolf!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Awesome Book
This book is wonderful, my kids read it both in english and spanish and the cd is just an added bonus. I wish their were more books like this and for all age levels.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Excellent Book for kids!
Both Spanish and English --it's so helpful to see it all right there, all translated carefully --plus the Audio CD makes the kids excited.


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