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TOEFL Test Prep: TOEFL Vocabulary (词汇)


a. 无生命的;无生气的

a. 后现代主义的;后现代派的

vt. 重新解释;重新定义

n. 色度;颜色深浅

n. (本科)学生(与postgraduate研究生相对)

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TOEFL preparation vocabulary self test instruction:
  1. Each time you load this page (TOEFL preparation), one TOEFL word will be randomly displayed, along with several possible explanations for the word.
  2. Select the explanation you think that is correct, and then click on the button "Check Answer".
  3. The correct explanation will be shown in the text box.
  4. Click on "Next Word" to reload this TOEFL preparation page and a new word will be displayed.

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