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Thai-English English-Thai Dictionary for Non-Thai Speakers

Title: Thai-English English-Thai Dictionary for Non-Thai Speakers

Author: Benjawan Poomsan Becker
Format: Paperback
List Price: $15.00
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Thai-English English-Thai Dictionary for Non-Thai Speakers

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Editorial Reviews
About the Author
Benjawan Poomsan Becker was born in Bangkok and spent her childhood in Yasothon, a small province in Northeast Thailand. Her family is ethnic Laotian, so she grew up speaking both Thai and Lao. She graduated from Khon Kaen University in Thailand in 1990, with a B.A. in English. Benjawan gained extensive experience teaching Thai to foreigners while studying for her M.A. in Japan with the Japan-Thailand Trade Association and Berlitz Language Schools, and in the US with Thai temples, Stanford University and private students. In 1994 she married Craig Becker. They reside in Berkeley, California where she continues to write and publish books on the Thai and Lao languages. She also has a translation and interpretation business. Her books include "Thai for Beginners", "Thai for Intermediate Learners", "Thai for Advanced Readers", "Thai fuer Angfaenger" and "Thai for Lovers" (under the name "Nit Ajee").

Product Description:
This practical dictionary is designed to help English speakers communicate in Thai. It is equally useful for those who can read the Thai alphabet and those who can't. Most Thai-English dictionaries either use Thai script exclusively for the Thai entries (making them difficult for westerners to use) or use only phonetic transliteration (making it impossible to look up a word in Thai script). This dictionary solves these problems by dividing the entries into three sections: Section One [English-Phonetic-Thai], Section Two [Phonetic-Thai-English] and Section Three [Thai-Phonetic-English]. The transliteration system is the same as that used in Paiboon Publishing's other books. You will find most of the vocabulary you are likely to need in everyday life, including basic medical, cultural, political and scientific terms.

Here are some of the features:

 Consistent and accurate phonetic transcription of Thai sounds for those unable to read the Thai alphabet
 A comprehensive guide to pronunciation
 Thai script for those who read Thai
 All entries organized in three easy to use sections
 Thai alphabet guide showing different styles of Thai script to help you read shop signs and newspaper headlines

It's the ONE Dictionary You Can Really Use!

Product Details
  • Paperback: 658 pages
  • ISBN: 1887521143
  • Average Customer Review: based on 8 reviews.

Customer Reviews
Avg. Customer Review:

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful:

The BEST one!!, January 14, 2002

Reviewer: Geoff Puterbaugh (Chiang Mai, T. Suthep, A. Muang Thailand)   

If you are learning Thai, this little dictionary is a marvellous thing that you will want to acquire as soon as possible.

One of the OUTSTANDING features is the idea to have three sections: English-Phonetic-Thai, Phonetic-Thai-English, and Thai-Phonetic-English. This means that you can actually look up a Thai word you have never seen or heard before, just from its sound.

Another GREAT feature is that the alphabets are displayed along the bottom of the page, letting you know where you are in the alphabetical order.

Another really good idea is the clear and complete explanation of all the Thai tone rules, consonant classes, vowel types, and so forth.

In short, Ajaan Becker has drawn a line in the sand: this is by far the best learner's dictionary ever written for students of Thai, and all the others have become obsolete. You will naturally want to have other, larger dictionaries (a big Thai-English dictionary for example), but this is the one you will most likely be carrying around with you, and it's GREAT.

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

lack of examples and usage notes., October 31, 2004

Reviewer: Kong (Now in Thailand)

I hope it can have more examples and usage notes.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

The BEST Resource!!, September 30, 2004

Reviewer: Sarah Rosenbaum (Virginia)   

All Thai books by Benjawan Becker are helpful, clear and valuable. I highly recommend this dictionary. The trans-literation spelling is a very useful feature which other Thai dictionaries don't have.

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

a great dictionary, May 15, 2004

Reviewer: NANCY PICKLO "npicklo" (USA)

This is the best Thai dictionary that I found anywhere. It has very readable print (both in English and in Thai). There are many wonderful features such as a section that shows the Thai letters in different print style -- VERY useful. There is a section that covers tones and examples of why they are important. The best feature is that there is a section for Thai script to English and a section for phonetic Thai transliteration to English. There is also a handy Thai alphabet at the bottom of the Thai scrit to English section for easy reference. The only thing that could be more useful is a wider range of vocabulary enteries. It's not ment for more than basic to eary intermediate vocabulary. Other than that I give it an A plus!

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

Handiest for a Trip, April 22, 2003
Reviewer: A reader
This is by far the most useful dictionary I have used while traveling in Thailand. Even if you know the Thai alphabet, the phonetic transliterations of Thai can be very helpful in real-time communication. The three sections (English-phonetic-Thai, phonetic-Thai-English, and Thai-phonetic-English) work well together to get you what you need. There are some handy extras: a section on the Thai writing system, a list of common classifiers, and a sampling of Thai fonts. Good study material for long bus rides!

1 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

It's all right., January 4, 2003

Reviewer: Marie (Australia)

I would recommend this book to people who want to speak Thai but don't know how to read and write it. This is because once you know the Thai alphabet, you can usually pronounce words the correct way by just looking at them. This is from my own personal experience. I wouldn't bother with this book because when I compared the written Thai word to the English phonetic or how my Thai teacher said the word, they were sometimes not the same pronunciation, but similar. And similar doesn't cut it when trying to speak this language because you could be saying something else ;) But honestly, it's pretty good for speakers and even the tone-deaf.

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