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Here is a XSitePro Review
Overview: XSitePro is a special website management software package that has a lot of unique features. XSitePro was owned by Paul Smithson. XSitePro well suits internet marketers and affiliate markerters.

Website generated by XSite Pro are in general Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. If you are not completely new to internet marketing, you will know how does SEO-friendly mean to your online business.

[Basically, it means your website will rank well in search engine results, such as those results returned by the Google search engine. Ranking well in Google search results also means it will be easier for you to get website visitors - the best of which is to get targeted website visitors. With lots of website visitors, you will then be able to "make money". Yes, you will be able to make money if you have lots of targeted website visitors, by using a monetization model such as Google Adsense or affiliate marketing. To learn more about how you can monetize your website, check out this website.]

Purchasing Price: $197

Here are some comments that users have made regarding the price of XSitePro:

"Wow! I've used FrontPage for years and it's been pretty good. I tried Dreamweaver and it's tougher to master. Those packages aren't even in the same ballpark. This package is highly underpriced. It truly is worth it's weight in gold."
Tom H.

"I would have paid 3 or 4 times the price of XsitePro. Why? Simple -- it has everything that was on my site-building wish list, not to mention that it keeps getting better with every release."
Paul SG

"It's incredibly easy to use (most important for a techno-virgin like me!); it's intuitive; it's got no end of really useful features; and, last but not least, it's extremely reasonably priced. Oh, and I almost forgot - the support is first-class, too. So full marks all round, guys!"
Peter C.

"XSitePro delivers on its promises 1000 times over. [It] does so much, has the best customer support, and all at such a low price compared to the other top end web development tools out there."
Thomas H.

"I wanted to thank you for an awesome product! I literally sat DAYS trying to figure out how to make websites and then a colleague suggested I get XSitePro. I did not have a lot of cash, so I used my last bit of cash because I trusted his judgement. I tell you it was the BEST thing I spent my money on as far as software. THANKS for making my life easier!!! Keep up the excellent work!!"
Enigma V.

"XSitePro is a great product for ANYONE - not just Internet marketers."
Criss B.

Warranty: Full Money Back Guarantee for 30 days.
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XSitePro Major Features:

XSitePro Website Building Features:

  • Change the whole look of your website instantly;
    (So that you don't need to change web pages one by one, painfully.)
  • WYSIWYG (What You See I What You Get) HTML editing;
    (If you are familiar with Microsoft FrontPage, you know what does this mean.)
  • Point-and-Click Site-Building;
    (Yes, using the mouse)
  • Professional quality site map that's always up to date;
    (This is important to get your site indexed quickly by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN)
  • Split one big page into hundreds of pages in the blink of an eye;
    (If you have content that are in public domain, you can use this feature to build hundreds of web pages using XSitePro effortlessly)
  • Pop-up generation;
    (Is pop-up annoying? Not always. Pop-up windows are very helpful for a veteran internet marketer.)
  • Privacy statement generation
    (This is almost a must-have for your website.)

XSitePro Marketing Tools Features:

  • Incorporate Google AdSense by a few click;
    (To help you make money.)
  • Eliminate ugly affiliate links by using redirect;
    (To help you make more money.)

XSitePro Search Engine Features:

  • Search Engines Optimization (i.e., make your web pages search engine friendly) and make suggestions where necessary;
    (We mentioned it earlier. This is very important, if not the most important.)
XSitePro Website: http://www.xsitepro.com  

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