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"quite" Chinese translation ("quite" in Chinese, "quite" 中文翻译, "quite"发音):
quite adv. 相当,完全,十分    [adv.十分,完全 I can't ~ believe it. 相当,颇 ~ pretty 的确,真正 She's ~ a girl. ~ certain 十分确定 The doctor has told me that she has ~ recovered from her illness. 医生告诉我她已完全病愈 ]

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quite a bit   (美口语)= quite a LITTLE

quite a few   (口语) (其中) 相当多的人[物],颇有几个[of] Quite a few of them agreed. 他们当中赞成者颇多

quite a number of   相当数目的…

quite something   (口语)了不起,很棒

quite the cheese   adv.得体

quite the contrary   adv.正相反

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