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"issue" Chinese translation ("issue" in Chinese, "issue" 中文翻译, "issue"发音):
issue n. 发行,问题,后果,争端,出口vi. 发行,流出,传下,进行辩护,造成...结果vt. 使流出,放出,发给,发布    [( 过 去 式 , 过 去 分 词 : issued) 发行 ~ new stamps n.发行(物) a new ~ of SCIENCE 问题,争论点 a very important ~ ]

Related Entries (相关词条):

be at issue   有争论(在争论中)

a back issue   n.过期期刊

at issue   adv.在争论中,不和

in issue   adv.在争论中

in the issue   adv.结果

issue from   v.从...流出,由...产生,传下

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