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Dr. Blair's Mandarin Chinese in No Time : The Revolutionary New Language Instruction Method That's Proven to Work! [UNABRIDGED] (Audio CD)

Dr. Blair's Mandarin Chinese in No Time : The Revolutionary New Language Instruction Method That's Proven to Work! [UNABRIDGED] (Audio CD)
Author/Publisher: Robert Blair
Format: Audio CD
Emphasis: NA
Level: Beginning - Intermediate
List Price: $17.98

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Product Details

  • Audio CD
  • Publisher: Dr Blair Series; Package edition (April 1, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 1596590122
  • Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.3 x 1.4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 6.2 ounces.
  • Average Customer Review: based on 3 reviews.

Customer Reviews

Great follow-up for Pimsleur, April 13, 2006
Reviewer: Kafrin (NC)

For an absolute beginner who is serious about learning Chinese, I would recommend starting with Pimsleur (the mini-series) to get the pronunciation and sentence rhythms pounded into your head. I've heard so many great reviews about Pimsleur from people who have used it and then traveled to China. Then when you're ready to expand your vocabulary and speaking skills as a quicker (and more fun) pace, "Dr. Blair" fits the bill for beginner stage 2. They don't hesitate to give you goofy mnemonic tips to help you remember the Chinese. i.e. "tou fa" for hair-- "With that crazy hairstyle, you've really gone tou fa!" or "peng you" friend. "Sort of sounds like "stung yo" but it's "peng you." "Dan shi" (of course) "Sounds a bit like "darn sure." A bit crude but very helpful to get the gist of the unusual Chinese sounds.


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So much better than I even expected!, March 10, 2006

Reviewer: T. L. Coons (Alpharetta, GA United States)

I am so impressed by this diminutive (in both size and price) package. I bought it for the price and internet reviews of Dr. Blair's courses (they are all filled with praise). I am now a believer because the method works in the most creative of ways. I'm not yet through lesson 2 but am able to innovatively think through the construction and translation of sentences.

This is an introductory package to the Power-glide method of language learning. It includes 3 audio CDs with 6 total lessons and 1 computer CD with the written (in Simplified Chinese characters and pinyin) and spoken vocabulary that you have learned organized by lesson, additional travel vocabulary, and a diglot written story which merges both English language and Chinese pinyin to practice with.

The audio CD portion uses a story-line to start immediate learning as you listen and practice along with 'the other students'. You have to listen many times to each section in order to really absorb what you are learning. For me, each lesson (6 total) takes at least a week to truly 'get it'. So, at $12 we're talking about $2/week for fairly intensive instruction. In combination with the computer CD resources, this package can lay quite a constructive foundation in the Chinese language. What a fantastic and inexpensive way to see if you enjoy learning a new language!

Because of my positive experience with this package, I have looked into buying the comprehensive Power-glide Mandarin Chinese course which Power-glide has yet to complete. It is due by the end of 2006 and it, too, will be a bargain (25%-30% cost of competitor products). I know that this is the language learning method for me.


5 of 7 people found the following review helpful:

I never believed I could really learn Chinese!, July 14, 2005

Reviewer: Listener

I've tried lots of other language programs, but Dr. Blair's is the first that held my interest long enough that I didn't mind doing the necessary work.

Chinese pronunciations are quite a challenge to westerners, but this program takes such care to demonstrate them that you'll be surprised how quickly you can make them sound authentic.

On top of the entertaining program--you sort of have to hear it to belive it--a huge plus is the CD-ROM that helps you review pronunciations and characters as well as everything else on the program.

And you can't beat the price!


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