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Note: Aweber price reduced to $179/year if you paid yearly.

Aweber (Website: is an Autoresponder solution that works also as a newsletter distribution service. An autoresponder is an automated way to send a message or series of messages to someone who subscribes to your newsletter. For example, imagine that you create a 5 parts course on gas money saving that promotes your own ebook on gas money saving. By using an autoresponder you can automatically send out your 5 parts course (at time intervals you specify) to anyone who requests it - automatically (that means you don't have to add their e-mail address to a list manually or cue the distribution of the course).

Autoresponders are used by many online companies to promote and pre-sell products to people who are interested. It is a fact that most people wont buy something the first time they visit your site, so using an autoresponder like Aweber, you can ensure that site is promoted several times, thus helping to get the sale.

Aweber also can be used to send out a newsletter to your mailing list. In fact it has a lot of features which make Aweber the number one choice of marketing professionals - like click tracking (what links do your prospects click on?), what percentage of people actually read your newsletter etc.

Aweber comes as a complete solution for anyone wishing to increase marketing efforts by autoresponder or newsletter mailings. Using the video training provided by Aweber, you can be quickly up to speed and productive.

There are other programs available that can be used as autoresponders or newsletter mailers, but none is as complete are Aweber. A great benefit is that all Aweber mailings and autoresponders originate from the Aweber domain. If anyone ever complains about spam (unsolicited e-mails from you), Aweber will protect you as they use a double opt-in service which means only people who genuinely request your information will receive it. I have heard horror stories about people sending newsletters using scripts from their own domain or through their own internet provider, only to find their internet host closes their account because someone forgot they requested your information. Take the risk out of your autoresponders and mailing lists by choosing the professionals choice - Aweber. Aweber have been providing unrivalled quality for years.

With your Aweber account you get a lot of flexibility and features including:

  • Lightning Fast Unlimited Autoresponders

  • Unlimited Follow Up Messages

  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • Unlimited Broadcasts & Newsletters

  • Secure and Reliable Delivery

  • FREE Training Videos

  • FREE Unlimited Customer Support

  • Nearly 9 Years Experience Managing Autoresponder Follow Up Services: AWeber's founder, Tom Kulzer, created the first autoresponder follow up service in 1998.

Getting subscribers to your newsletter or autoresponder can be achieved in multiple ways. Use a pop-up which can automatically subscribe someone when they click OK or use a sign up form on your website. If there is something you want your autoresponder to do, chances are Aweber can do it.

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Questions? Ask Them
Don't hesitate to ask them pre-sale questions, via phone or email. They are very fast at answering your questions. Their staffs are also Aweber owners so they will surely answer your questions to the point.

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