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November 02, 2008

A follow-up note for browsing lexiconer

This is just a brief follow-up note. I am giving a set of easy links to browse the basic vocabulary of lexiconer.

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November 01, 2008

Now you can browse lexiconer

Long time no see everyone. Hope that you had a great Halloween. It has been more than one year and half since I posted my last entry. This is to head up on a recent update of lexiconer. You can now Browse the basic vocabulary of lexiconer. (The advanced vocabulary will be made available for browsing in a later project.) This is one our major improvements. By the way, I am still living in San Diego of California, USA. Until next time.

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March 12, 2007

Recent dictionary updates

Hi all, no time no see. Recently I made several updates to our English-Chinese Dictionary. First, MP3 voices have been added for most English words. Second, different variants of verbs or nouns can now be searched; for example, if you searched for "searched", the dictionary will give you the explanation for "search". Third, if you input a mis-spelled word, the dictionary can give some correct candidates; for example, if you input "compell", the dictionary will give you a few correct spellings such as "compel" and "compile".

As always, feedbacks and comments are welcome.

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December 08, 2004

GMAT vocabulary practice

Hey, everyone. One more page, GMAT vocabulary practice, is added. Please check it out: GMAT Vocabulary Practice. Have fun and watch out for future update news.

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February 27, 2003

Lexiconer Trivia Update

Long time no see, buddies! They say "time goes very fast" when you are busy. This is true. So, do something, before we get old :)

Recently you might have seen a lot of changes to my website. I've added some advertising links to the website, which might also be of some interest to you. I did not realize that some ads slowed down the web page loading until I got a feedback from a user. Thus I re-located and re-organized the ads so that the loading speed is still the same as before. Hope that you guys can be satisfied with the speed and let me know if you have any suggestion. Also, the ads are selected carefully, usually according to the reliability, usability and reputation of the advertisers. So, you are encouraged to visit the advertisers' website. You might find something very useful there, you never know...

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December 26, 2001

Lexiconer memo

It is sunny and warm in Los Angeles today (79F or 26C). Woke up very early today (9:15AM :-). Add two sponsors to the "Support Us" site (linked removed, 2004-11-8). They are:

Auction Block at World Wide Web (linked removed, 2004-11-8)
Search for Antiques and Collectibles  (linked removed, 2004-11-8)

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September 22, 2001

Lexiconer update

Long time no see. Many visitors requested the addition of pronunciation. This is absolutely an appealing suggestion. We will see how we can do that. Before that, you can get the real pronunciation by clicking the pronunciation  symbol -- , after you check up a word. You can also get a pronunciation from Merriam-Webster simply by clicking the [English Explanation] link -- by that link, you can also have a look at the English explanation of the word that you are looking for. One disadvantage of the pronunciation given by Merriam-Webster is for the use by native American people. You may have difficulty to read the pronunciation if you learned your English in China because China uses a different pronunciation symbol system.

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June 04, 2001

Yahoo inclusion

One piece of news - Yahoo! has just included Lexiconer into their directories. This is a goal set up by us four months ago. It was finally realized...

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May 20, 2001

Lexiconer update

Kind of busy recently. I got bunches of feedbacks from our visitors. I am sorry if you thought I should reply your email but I did not do that. Only because too busy. Anyway, all emails are considered highly precious by us and all comments and suggestions will be reviewed carefully later. 

You may notice that I put up an ad banner... Currently I sponsor this website from my own pocket. So if you could, please support this website - all you have to do is to [the previous "to do" was removed, 2004-11-11] ... Maybe you can find something useful to you there.

I also uploaded a web traffic report here (linked removed, 2004-11-8). You can have a look, too.

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February 07, 2001

Yahoo China inclusion

"Yahoo! China" has included our online dictionary into its category. Click here (linked removed, 2004-11-8) for more about this news. Considering that "Yahoo! China" only adds 100 to 300 reference websites into their category per year, this is really a good sign of our success. Besides "Yahoo! China", so far we has been cited by Sina.com and NetEase (I don't know whether there are more sites that cite us. If you know that there are other websites that cite us, please let us know.). We are gaining more and more popularity. We are targeting to go into "Yahoo! (Global)" in the near future. Wish us good luck :-), buddies.

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February 02, 2001

Lexiconer feedback

Thank Luke Zhou, Yeff and Wayne for writing comments to us. We are still improving our website. We hope our website can bring convenience to your study, work, and even daily life. I would recommend that you check our links page. You may find something useful and fun there.

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January 18, 2001

GB encoding and Big5 encoding

Thanks for Wayne's comment. He said, "When I use E-C Dictionary, I have to select Encoding from IE every lookup, so I can see Chinese output. Could you improve it?" I have improved it. Now the lookup page will be automatically set to GB fonts (or Big5 fonts if you are using the Big5 pages). You do not need to select encoding from IE anymore. Anyone out there has more comments? Please send your comments here

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January 15, 2001

A note

It seems that my diary is growing into a monthly log book. Because I do not have much exciting news for you. Oh, yes, I have a bit news for you: I've just uploaded a links page. There are only 9 links on the links page. However, I benefit a lot from these 9 links. So I put them here and recommend them to you. I will add more links in the future. Please click here to visit my links page. You may also bookmark it so that you link to a useful links pool. Have a nice day, guys. Or, have a nice night :).

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January 04, 2001

Lexiconer feedback

I just got two valuable feedbacks from our visitors. 

One of you (anonymous, probably one of my PKU classmates) said, "It looks great. Just one question, will it become commercial later? And will we be charged for using it?" 

The other comment came from Shenglaz: "You did a great job on this lexiconer. I found a problem: it doesn't work for the second input (Chinese-english). You can have a try by yourself. First consult 'xuexi', then don't go  back to the previous page but continue to consult 'kexue', the only result you will get is : no word match." 

I am happy to hear this kind of feedbacks. Also, I am working on adding a GuestBook to our website, so that you can make your comments more easily. Before that, you can use this "ugly" feedback form to send us your comments. Have fun, guys.

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December 24, 2000

Lexiconer Launched

It is around eight months since I had the idea of setting up an online dictionary. Actually I did not have any internet database knowledge when I came up with the idea. But that does not matter. Yuan, who is working in Jiangmen, Guangdong China, worked closely with me through internet. We had some achievements in the summer. However, because I was busy closing my study in Hong Kong and moving to USA at that time, the project was put aside. Now after working on Computational Biology for a while, I picked it up again. And I found everything became very easy after I have some programming experience (Perl programming) and database knowledge (MySQL). 

Then we tried to choose a good name for our website. However, it is hard to find one. Wu, one of my best friend at Texas A&M, suggested some names like, "Xword", "Worddog", "Xanguage". But most of them have been registered by somebody else. Finally I picked this one: "lexiconer". This word consists of "lexicon" and a suffix. It can not be found in a normal dictionary. But I think I can interpret it as "The Lexicon Maker". How do you think? Then came the event that I uploaded our database to our website and fianlly got it set up - this morning at 4:05AM, Los Angeles time. 

And ... it works! I am very happy with this.

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