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January 21, 2007

Learn Chinese Dialogue

Recently I had a conversation with a website visitor 
regarding some learning Chinese tools. Following 
please find my dialogue with him.
--- Dave wrote -----
  I read your review on Rosetta Stone. In your opinion
  what is the fastest/best learning program. 
  I am interested in Mandarin.
  Thank you for your help.
 ----- Ben Wrote -----
 Dear Dave,
 Thanks for writing to us.
 Would you mind answering me a few questions first:
 1. Have you learned any Mandarin Chinese before?
 2. Will you focus on Spoken Mandarin or Writing
 Mandarin (Chinese)?
 3. What is your reason of learning Mandarin? (For
 example, for the purpose of communicating with
 who is speaking Mandarin only; the for purpose of
 doing business in Shanghai; for the purpose of
 reading Chinese novels).
--- Dave Wrote -----

Dear Ben,
Wow, thank you for the very quick response.

I have not taken any classes or courses in Mandarin.

I am interested in only speaking at this time.

I have traveled to China several times each year for
business and this year I will be going at least 9 times.
I am in the boat building business and just want to
be able to talk to the yard managers
one on one. In the past- and future -
I have had a guild that was by my side
every minute and I am lazy so I learned very
little. I am looking to leave
him or her behind and see if I can get on alone.

The factory is in Xiamen, China.

I thank you for your help.


----- Ben Wrote -----

Dear Dave, 

You are welcome. Xiamen is very close to my hometown
(less than 150 miles away).

Regarding your situation, I think Comprehensive
Pimsleur Chinese (Mandarin) is the best program. There
are three levels for this program. Each level has 15
learning hours (or 30 lessons), either in CD or
Cassette format. These are for learning Spoken
Mandarin only. There are no textbooks accompanying
this program.

Check them out here:

Pimsleur Chinese I:

Pimsleur Chinese II:

Pimsleur Chinese III:

These comprehensive programs are costing roughly $250
for each level. You can also try the first 8 lessons
for Level I first (to see if it fits your need and see
if you can follow):

Best regards and good luck on your business,


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