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February 27, 2003

Lexiconer Trivia Update

Long time no see, buddies! They say "time goes very fast" when you are busy. This is true. So, do something, before we get old :)

Recently you might have seen a lot of changes to my website. I've added some advertising links to the website, which might also be of some interest to you. I did not realize that some ads slowed down the web page loading until I got a feedback from a user. Thus I re-located and re-organized the ads so that the loading speed is still the same as before. Hope that you guys can be satisfied with the speed and let me know if you have any suggestion. Also, the ads are selected carefully, usually according to the reliability, usability and reputation of the advertisers. So, you are encouraged to visit the advertisers' website. You might find something very useful there, you never know...

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