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February 07, 2001

Yahoo China inclusion

"Yahoo! China" has included our online dictionary into its category. Click here (linked removed, 2004-11-8) for more about this news. Considering that "Yahoo! China" only adds 100 to 300 reference websites into their category per year, this is really a good sign of our success. Besides "Yahoo! China", so far we has been cited by Sina.com and NetEase (I don't know whether there are more sites that cite us. If you know that there are other websites that cite us, please let us know.). We are gaining more and more popularity. We are targeting to go into "Yahoo! (Global)" in the near future. Wish us good luck :-), buddies.

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February 02, 2001

Lexiconer feedback

Thank Luke Zhou, Yeff and Wayne for writing comments to us. We are still improving our website. We hope our website can bring convenience to your study, work, and even daily life. I would recommend that you check our links page. You may find something useful and fun there.

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