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January 24, 2001

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year, my friend! How is your New Year going? Have lots of fun? Have plenty of "Jiao(3)Zi"? I was born in South China. So I did not have "Jiao(3)Zi" in my childhood really. However, "Jiao(3)Zi" is a traditional Chinese food for Chinese New Year. If you live in Los Angeles, you can buy some from the Chinese stores "San Gabriel" or "Ranch" at Alhambra (the new China Town). You can also make it yourself. Usually it is more fun to make "Jiao(3)Zi" yourself, especially if you make it with your close friends, or with your family. All in all, have fun in the coming year!

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January 18, 2001

GB encoding and Big5 encoding

Thanks for Wayne's comment. He said, "When I use E-C Dictionary, I have to select Encoding from IE every lookup, so I can see Chinese output. Could you improve it?" I have improved it. Now the lookup page will be automatically set to GB fonts (or Big5 fonts if you are using the Big5 pages). You do not need to select encoding from IE anymore. Anyone out there has more comments? Please send your comments here

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January 15, 2001

A note

It seems that my diary is growing into a monthly log book. Because I do not have much exciting news for you. Oh, yes, I have a bit news for you: I've just uploaded a links page. There are only 9 links on the links page. However, I benefit a lot from these 9 links. So I put them here and recommend them to you. I will add more links in the future. Please click here to visit my links page. You may also bookmark it so that you link to a useful links pool. Have a nice day, guys. Or, have a nice night :).

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January 08, 2001

Rains in Los Angeles

It rained today in Los Angeles. It seldom rains here. It was almost always sunny since I came here last summer. The climate here is almost as temperate as in Hong Kong. However, the difference is that it rains a lot a lot in Hong Kong. Sometimes it rains for several days continuously and it is very humid. And mold will grow on your leather belongings if you are not careful enough. Despite of the humidity in Hong Kong, many people enjoy living in Hong Kong because of its temperate climate and  other good things like delicious food, excellent entertainments, convenient public transportation, countless shops, clean environments, and so on. 

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January 04, 2001

Lexiconer feedback

I just got two valuable feedbacks from our visitors. 

One of you (anonymous, probably one of my PKU classmates) said, "It looks great. Just one question, will it become commercial later? And will we be charged for using it?" 

The other comment came from Shenglaz: "You did a great job on this lexiconer. I found a problem: it doesn't work for the second input (Chinese-english). You can have a try by yourself. First consult 'xuexi', then don't go  back to the previous page but continue to consult 'kexue', the only result you will get is : no word match." 

I am happy to hear this kind of feedbacks. Also, I am working on adding a GuestBook to our website, so that you can make your comments more easily. Before that, you can use this "ugly" feedback form to send us your comments. Have fun, guys.

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January 01, 2001

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, my friend! 

There was the 112th anniversary Rose Parade (linked removed, 2004-11-8) in Pasadena (one part of Los Angeles) this morning. I watched a small part of the Parade on the TV. It was amazing! I feel regretful that I did not drive there to watch it. It is said that some people decide to move to California after watching the Rose Parade - because people find out in the parade that it is so warm and sunny in California when most other parts of the United States are cold and even snowy. 

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