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December 29, 2000

PHP book

Nothing special today. Tried to study Julie's PHP introductory book. I found that some aspects of PHP are very similar to Perl. One of my long-time-no-contact PKU classmate Feng just told me that he liked Perl more... actually I don't know where he is (USA, China, or somewhere else?).We just contact via email. Anyway, wish I can finish Julie's book in January. Maybe I can tell you the difference then (suppose you are interested). 

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December 25, 2000


Tang, Ge and Ren visited me tonight. I showed them my brand-new website. We had some casual talks. I tried to persuade them to use my dictionary :-). 

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December 24, 2000

Lexiconer Launched

It is around eight months since I had the idea of setting up an online dictionary. Actually I did not have any internet database knowledge when I came up with the idea. But that does not matter. Yuan, who is working in Jiangmen, Guangdong China, worked closely with me through internet. We had some achievements in the summer. However, because I was busy closing my study in Hong Kong and moving to USA at that time, the project was put aside. Now after working on Computational Biology for a while, I picked it up again. And I found everything became very easy after I have some programming experience (Perl programming) and database knowledge (MySQL). 

Then we tried to choose a good name for our website. However, it is hard to find one. Wu, one of my best friend at Texas A&M, suggested some names like, "Xword", "Worddog", "Xanguage". But most of them have been registered by somebody else. Finally I picked this one: "lexiconer". This word consists of "lexicon" and a suffix. It can not be found in a normal dictionary. But I think I can interpret it as "The Lexicon Maker". How do you think? Then came the event that I uploaded our database to our website and fianlly got it set up - this morning at 4:05AM, Los Angeles time. 

And ... it works! I am very happy with this.

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